Image Gallery

This image gallery provides the viewer the opportunity to view a site from the comfort of their desktop. The experience of these sites can at times be captured more completely without words. The Image Gallery within these pages seeks to provide for a deeper reflection of what is found at these sites and tries to show their simplicity and beauty for us to enjoy.

Although dial-up services may display these images correctly, we recommend broadband only. To access an image gallery, click on the menu item on the left-hand side to the required site and allow the page to load. You may need to disable pop-up blockers if you use them.

On some sites, there can be over 100 photos. As a result, these scenes have been grouped into distinct categories. For a particular scene, click on a category you want to view. When finished viewing, click on a button to go where you want to.

Please note - all the images you are viewing in the Image Gallery have been converted to low-resolution jpgs from high-resolution, poster-size tiff files. This is to ensure that the images load quickly for you to see. Depending upon the browser you are using, you can also zoom in or out of the image to get a better look at it.